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Automated External Difibrillators White Paper

Executive summary


For automatic external defibrillators to be effective in improving cardiac arrest survival rates they need to be as common as fire extinguishers.  The only way we can achieve this is for them to be included as a standard item in a business first aid kit.


Every year 55,800 people die from out-of-hospital cardiac arrests (OHCA) in the UK.[i]  Only 7% survive because most don’t receive the help that they need in the crucial first five minutes.

Early defibrillation, which shocks the heart back into a normal rhythm, could save up to 70% of those who experience an OHCA.

Automated External defibrillators (AED) are safe and can be used by the public to save the life of someone experiencing a cardiac arrest.  However, only 3% of cardiac arrests happen close enough to an AED to be useful.

Increasing the number of accessible AEDs by making sure they are in every office first aid kit would dramatically increase the number of people surviving OHCAs.  Until now, price has been a barrier, with AEDs costing over £1000.

Drivers First Assist have made it possible to market an AED for £220, making it affordable for every business.




Kirsteen Coupar

Kirk Consultancy


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