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Barclays Bandol box – DM to MIPIM attendees.

Barclays Business Banking’s proposition was that it gave clients better service because its people specialise in the businesses they serve. For example, their logistics team was headed by a HGV-qualified banker.

This mailing was a post event ‘thank you’ to delegates at MIPIM, a property industry event held in Nice. The convention would be to send a bottle of champagne.

Our solution took the opportunity to reinforce the Barclays ‘specialist’ positioning by demonstrating expert knowledge of the area around Nice. Delegates were sent a bottle of red wine from a region that is virtually unknown in the UK but revered in France.

For real estate professionals, knowledge of local areas is crucial. The copy deftly demonstrates such knowledge and gives a clear illustration of the benefits of dealing with Barclays.


<Wine box containing bottle of Bandol – outer>

We’d like to give you something spectacularly valuable.


<Box leaflet>



Head west along the Provençal coast towards Marseilles and about half an hour after you pass the naval dockyards at Toulon you’ll reach the vineyards of Bandol.

Powerful, fragrant and long-lived, red wine from this picturesque little region can be shockingly good. It’s revered throughout France and takes pride of place on many of the most celebrated Michelin-starred restaurants’ wine lists.

Yet in the UK it’s almost completely unknown.

When you sample this bottle, we think you’ll agree that’s very much Britain’s loss. And, knowing about Bandol, you’ll be able to enjoy the spectacular value of one of the world’s finest undiscovered wines.

At Barclays, we believe the better you understand your subject, the better you can spot the opportunities others miss. Which is why our Property team is made up of senior specialists who know the property sector inside out, back to front and upside down.

We hope that you got a taste of their expertise at MIPIM. And now that everyone’s back in Britain, maybe you’d like to pick up the conversation again.

For your convenience, I’ve enclosed my colleagues’ business cards. Or, if you prefer, please call me on 01234 333 1234.

Warm regards,

<Name & title>

Jonathan Bradley

Luxus Worldwide




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