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Barclays Monte Carlo Invitation.

One of a series of themed event invitations for Barclays Financial Markets. For this Insurance Team event for actuaries in Monte Carlo, I told the story of the real-life man who broke the bank. A EUR5 chip allowed delegates to try to do the same thing themselves.


<Invitation Front cover>

How to break the bank at Monte Carlo.


<First reveal lhs>

In 1873, Joseph Jaggers won $20,000,000 in today’s money at the roulette table.


<First reveal rhs>

He proved the more you know your subject, the greater the rewards.


<second reveal>

Exactly the approach that we take to our clients’ businesses.


<Third reveal top>

Visiting a Monte Carlo casino for the first time in 1873, engineer Joseph Jaggers noticed that the roulette wheels moved in a similar way to the spindles in the cotton mill where he worked.

Hiring clerks to watch the roulette tables 12 hours a day for six days, he gained data on all the winning numbers. On analysing these with statistical techniques used in his factory, Jaggers found that one wheel had a positive bias for nine numbers.

Armed with this crucial knowledge, he sat down to play … and stood up $70,000 richer. Eventually, his winnings totalled $350,000 – the equivalent of $20,000,000 million today.


<Sixth panel>

Please join the Barclays Financial Markets, Reinsurance Team for champagne on Tuesday 4thSeptember.


<Seventh panel>

Fancy following in Joseph Jagger’s footsteps?

If you’d like to test your statistical skills at the roulette table, your first bet’s on us. Bring this chip with you for entry to the reception and we’ll exchange it for one accepted at the casino.

What: Champagne
Where: The Hotel de Paris
When: Tuesday 4th September from 11.30am to 1.00pm

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