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Why Investors are Rushing to Dump Gold to Invest in  Cryptocurrencies Before 30th Sept



The Bitcoin bubble refuses to burst. Even old school currency traders are now rushing to get a piece of the action. Because on the 30th September US Congress is expected to do something that will send valuations skyhigh. And when that happens, fortunes will be made.


Bitcoin is About to Go Mainstream


To an outsider, investing in Bitcoin looked like a white knuckle ride. Its value would steadily creep up for years before nerves and bad headlines sent it tumbling. The use of Bitcoin for nefarious services on the “dark web” didn’t help its cause. And it seemed only a matter of time before the established players pulled some strings to get the upstart currency shut down.


However, it’s reckless teenage years are now behind it. In less than 5 weeks it’s expected to be legitimized and embraced by over 260,000 businesses as readily as greenbacks.


And Bitcoin is not the only cryptocurrency set for a bright future.


The Time to Invest is NOW


My name is Louis Basenese. I’m a former Wall Street investor who directed over $1 billion in institutional capital at Morgan Stanley.


I saw firsthand how the big banks screwed over the little guy. I saw how they’d purposely make investments seem so complex that few dared challenge their right to manage our money. As anyone in the industry knows, this is total bull. And is the reason why I got so excited about cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.


Finally, with cryptocurrencies every hard working American has an easy way to invest. And if you do it the right way, you can make a good deal of money.


In fact, I’ve even developed a system that shows you how to invest without risking much money, spending days researching or needing to know anything about cryptocurrencies at all.


Before I share it with you, I’d like to reveal my top 5 reasons why investing in cryptocurrencies is the new gold rush, just so you can appreciate the opportunity:


  1. Massive Growth in Stagnant Markets


The iPhone’s launch was the biggest in tech history. Apple’s shares jumped 17% to $122 on the biggest tech breakthrough in recent memory. The bar was set so high that no matter what Apple does now their shares are unlikely to jump like this again.


For tech stocks a 17% rise is truly awesome.




It’s nothing compared to cryptocurrencies. There are plenty that have achieved growth of 1,500% or more and made people into millionaires. Check out my short presentation to see what they are.


  1. Massive Scope


Bitcoin gets all the headlines. But it is just ONE of 831 cryptocurrencies. Many of them may trade for pennies right now, but could explode at any moment like a gloriously golden volcano. Even better, if you know how to pick the right ones, they SUSTAIN their value.


  1. You don’t need a lot of money to invest.


You could invest $100 in cryptocurrencies that trade for pennies and make a 100% or even 1,000% return within weeks. This is no joke. I’ve seen it time and again. Redcoin, Dogecoin and SwapToken are just a few that took off so fast I felt like I needed sunglasses to watch.


As with any investment, the key is knowing which to buy and when. If you’d like to see a case study on how to do it, I share a three step strategy for turning $20 into a fortune with cryptocurrencies in my video presentation.


  1. They Can’t be Stolen by the Banks


As any investor knows, the banks pull all sorts of tricks and financial hokuspokus to confuse government regulators and  to snaffle away our money. They don’t want anyone pulling back the curtain to see what a big con the whole system is.


Cryptocurrencies, on the other hand, are 100% safe from the greedy hands of the banks. You rarely see them discussed on TV or covered in the Wall Street Journal or Bloomberg for a simple reason: THEY don’t want you putting your money where they can’t control, manipulate or STEAL it.


  1. The Right Investment Can Change Lives


Kristopher Koch is a Norwegian journalist. He bought 500 Bitcoins on a whim after writing about it for the Guardian newspaper. He paid a mere $27 per coin. Today, this investment has grown to a $866,000 fortune. A truly life changing sum.


That’s an even better return than if you’d been smart (or lucky) enough to buy $100 of Amazon shares in 1997 which today would be worth $63,990. And with cryptocurrencies you won’t have to wait 20 years to cash in.


I’ll be straight with you: You’re very unlikely to make a return like this on Bitcoin or on any other cryptocurrency.


However, imagine what a few extra thousand could mean to you? You could put it towards a more comfortable retirement, covering college fees or as an emergency fund.


It’s modest financial goals like this that motivated me to create my cryptocurrency investing system, I was talking about earlier, so I could help more people achieve them. Because, you see, we live in exciting times as getting a financial boost is now in reach of every hardworking American like never before.


But only if you invest before 30th Sept.


Watch How to Turn $20 into a Fortune


If Congress does what many investors like me are expecting it to, cryptocurrencies will soon be a more profitable and reliable investment vehicle than tech stocks, blue chip investments or even gold.


And I want as many people as possible to benefit (and not just secretive speculators in the know). I want us all to band together to rip away the taloned grip the banks have over our money.


If you’d like to join my movement, I’ve created a short presentation in which I reveal:


  • Why I think the 30th September legislation could be the biggest investment opportunity in our lifetimes (if Apple could only manage a 17% gain from the iPhone, you can forget about ever making it big in tech stocks ever again)
  • Why even the Huffington Post believes cryptocurrencies are replacing gold as the investment of choice
  • How to turn $20 into a 7 figure fortune in 3 moves (you won’t believe how simple it is until I show you)


My old buddies on Wall St will be livid I’m sharing this info (I never liked those greedy psychos anyway). So make sure you watch it so we can upset them and the other “traditional” traders who don’t want cryptocurrencies taking over.


Grab a notepad and pen, shut down all your other windows and click the link below. Then be prepared to be amazed with the incredible investment opportunity offered by cryptocurrencies that’s within your reach:


>>>Watch my “$20 Bitcoin Blueprint” for making a fortune when prices surge 30th Sept


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