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This wireless TV amplifier system with headset delivers clear, amplified speech and music from up to 30m away, without interference, while reducing background noise. It comes with digital and analogue cables, an external microphone and a rechargeable battery for the headset.

Key benefits

  • Hear every word of your favourite TV shows with the latest wireless technology and reduced background noise
  • Choose the volume level that suits you without making the TV too loud for others
  • Adjust the left–right volume balance if you have greater hearing loss in one ear
  • Fine-tune sounds with the handy tone control
  • Relax and enjoy entertainment without any sudden bursts of loud sound
  • Effortlessly switch from the TV to conversation using the built-in microphone
  • Hear your TV almost anywhere in your home – the receiver works at up to 30m from the transmitter, without interference.

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