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Looking for patio ideas? Well you’ve come to the right place. We gardeners are often overflowing with ideas for our soft landscaping, flower beds and lawns, but when it comes to the garden patio, the ideas stream can run a little dry!


Normally paved in concrete or similar slabs, the garden patio sadly can be looked upon as a dead space, instead of the blank canvas that it really is. We’ve put together 10 ideas that will hopefully inspire you to spruce up your own garden patio.


  1. Turn Your Garden Patio into an Outdoor Dining Area


Depending on your available space, you could really utilise your patio in the warmer months for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Just by placing comfortable chairs and a dining table you could create a whole new dining area.


If you have a very small garden patio, there are bistro table and chair sets that don’t take up much room.


A BBQ is an obvious option, (but make sure this is placed on an appropriate surface). And if you want to use your garden patio in the winter, a patio heater will make it much more comfortable…


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