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This blog post was written for my client Strident Computer Systems and related to the launch of Windows 8 – an upgrade that was the subject of much debate within the Information Technology industry at the time!


Is Windows 8 the Marmite of OS’?
Love it or loathe it, Windows 8 has taken the consumer world by storm, with celebrity endorsements, TV adverts and billboards all revering its ‘fast and fluid’ interface, personalised tiles and global sharing potential; but with just under a month since its official launch, the jury is still out as to what impact it will have on the world of Business IT.
There’s little doubt that Windows 8 is bristling with a mountain of easily customisable tools and options that will inevitably make life easier for the end user – displaying content of
pinpoint relevance, keeping people connected to friends and family and enabling them to pick up where they left off when on the move – and we believe that it won’t be long before
benefits like these will begin to apply to forward-thinking businesses looking for a better way to work…


Is Windows 8 the Marmite of OS’