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Blog Content for Crozdesk

About this project

I was asked to produce a series of blog articles for cloud business software company, Crozdesk. These articles were to be published as content marketing thought-pieces, aimed at owners of small and medium sized businesses, considering a purchase of software in the near future. The articles needed to be of a high-quality and search optimised for specific keywords, in order to encourage backlinks from other websites. The content would ideally be heavily shared via social media.


At Crozdesk we love the way SaaS solutions make our lives easier. Each member of the Crozdesk team has their tried and tested favourites when it comes to web apps, but we wondered which apps are in favour with the great and good of the SEO and link-building world. With our curiosity piqued, we decided to ask the leading lights of SEO what single web app they prefer or currently use most, to be precise, we asked: “The Crozdesk Team were wondering: What is your favourite/most used Web App and why?” Many thanks to all who replied, most of the recommendations are for apps we know and love but a few surprised us – in a good way!