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Signage for Retail Outlets: Using Signs to Stand Out from the crowd in Leeds
Deciding what signage to display, as a shop or café owner in the busy centre of Leeds, is as vital to business success today, as it has ever been.
With the onset of social media and review sites, customers can know exactly where they are heading before they even set foot in Leeds centre – even if they are travelling from Sheffield or Manchester. But there are plenty of potential customers who still make impromptu visits. According to market research, in February 2015, only 11% of internet consumers used social media to ask friends and family their opinions on which food or drink venue to frequent. And only 13% followed a food/drink venue on social media.*
So with so many undecided about where to shop and eat, what’s the best way to direct people to your store amongst the myriad of outlets in Leeds? A great shop window is, of course, a given. Window vinyl can be particularly attractive. But with folk facing forward as they walk down a street, what’s the best signage to catch their eye?

Pavement Signs
Pavement signs are of course great for facing the flow of pedestrians. There’s plenty of choice with different varieties of fixed or flexible designs. Many a budget A-board serves its purpose. Sturdier, weighted forecourt signs are more suitable for busy streets. Leeds City Council, though, has quite a strict policy on displaying pavement signs in the centre of the city for premises that don’t have a forecourt. Pavement signs can be displayed more easily in other parts of Leeds.

Hanging/Projection Signs
Hanging signs are positioned perfectly for attracting the gaze of pedestrians as they walk by, and are subject to fewer restrictions than pavement signs in Leeds. Obviously, you need yours to stand out from the rest, though. That’s where we can help. At Dock street Signs we make projection signs using a variety of materials for a modern or classic look. These include aluminium, cloth, wood or cast iron. Our team of designers work with you to develop beautiful designs to entice people to stop and take a look. And then if you have a stunning front window, how could anyone turn away?

Some useful Information about Rules for Displaying Signage
We do like to connect with local businesses. So, we’ve gathered some info here for you about where to check the rules and regulations concerning displaying signs. For hanging signs, restrictions generally apply relating to size, height above ground, the size of the lettering and whether or not it is illuminated.
Leeds City Council Development Enquiry Centre 0113 222 4409
Outdoor advertisements and signs: a guide for advertisers:
Let us know how you get on.

*Source: Lightspeed GMI/Mintel. Feb 15. Sample size 1,578

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