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Recap/Review of 'The Last Kingdom'.


After the capture of Storri, Uhtred approaches Ubba as he and Guthrum (Thomas W. Gabrielsson) hold Edmund, King of East Anglia prisoner. Things do not go well, with Edmund’s demanding that the Danes are baptised in return for his compliance as puppet king. The Danes understand this as washing, and are confused. Uhtred explains to them that ‘you sit in a barrel of water, and have more water put over you’. Not impressed Ubba shoots Edmund full of arrows to see if his Christian God will save him, and proposes the exact same treatment for Uhtred, only now waiting to see whether Odin will intervene. Prepared for this turn of events Uhtred tells Ubba he has captured Storri who will be returned after his safe departure. Ubba tells Uhtred he will kill him in the future as he does not believe Uhtred did not murder his adoptive family.


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