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Blog Post How to Make your Ad Spend go further with Google RLSA

Google Ads RLSA may sound like a disease you want to avoid – but don’t let the acronym put you off.

In fact, you can only catch good things (new customers) by using Google Ads Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA).

Remarketing Lists for Search Ads give you the opportunity to customize search campaigns based on past visitor behavior and thereby rapidly boost conversions and ROI.

“If PPC is not generating you the returns you crave RLSA could be an intelligent way to make your ad spend go further – a way to make more out of your campaigns without having to heavily reinvest”

In this post we’ll put the case for why Google Ads RLSA (still a surprisingly underutilized form of marketing) should play an integral part in your upcoming marketing campaigns.

We’ll cover the ins and outs of Google Ads RLSA, with tips on how to get started using them, key strategies and business success stories.

Why Is Remarketing So Effective?

You’re no doubt already a fan of remarketing but here’s a very quick recap… as to why it is such a good strategy.

Online shoppers are savvy: 88% carry out online research before buying and 96-98% leave a site without converting. According to some estimates it could take 9.5 visits to a site before a purchase is made.


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