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Blog – Top three tools for managing your social media effectively

Top three tools for managing your social media effectively

Let’s face it, social media is hard work these days. With an ever-growing array of platforms to post on, creating, managing and uploading your content is becoming more and more time consuming than ever before.

But fear not, because there are several social media management tools at your disposal that can not only save you time but can help you maximise engagement and plan your social media growth.

But what exactly is a social media management tool and why should you start using one?

Designed to allow the user to publish to, monitor and manage their social media networks from one dashboard, social media management tools take much of the leg work out of juggling different social profiles on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more.

In a way, using a social media management tool is like having your very own marketing expert by your side who will take the stress out of updating your socials and help you save time, post engaging content and build a solid audience.

While not all social media management tools have the same capabilities, most of the highly rated platforms focus largely on:

  • Scheduling – enabling you to create a full schedule of future social media posts across various platforms so that your marketing campaigns are properly timed and targeted.
  • Engagement – the ability to view your social media messages from all networks in one place and respond easily.
  • Reporting – analysis of how your content performs across each social media network and monitoring of key words.

Now we know what a social media management tool can do for us, let’s take a look at three of the best platforms for 2019!

Sprout Social

First up is Sprout Social, which is a popular social media management tool with various key capabilities.

Working with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin, Sprout Social allows you to create a schedule of future social media posts and set them to post automatically using Sprout Queue. The platform also helps you work out optimal send times, so you can maximise engagement with your followers.

Another cool feature of Sprout Social is its Smart Inbox. This collects all messages sent to you on your social accounts and allows you to view them in a single dashboard instead of having to log in to each platform.

Another thing Sprout Social also does well is reporting. You can sort your data by various measures to work out exactly what content is working for your followers and what isn’t.


Next on the list is AgoraPulse, which is a simple and affordable tool that works with Facebook, Twitter Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

Within the interface you can queue an indefinite number of posts to be published on a specific date/time in the future. The queue function also allows you to share evergreen content over and over again very easily.

Similar to Sprout Social, AgoraPulse also has a social inbox feature, where you can view and respond to all your social media messages in one place. The inbox also allows you capture spam and assign questions to colleagues should you be using the tool within a team setting.

The analytics element of AgoraPulse is in-depth enough for users to view how their content is affecting follower engagement and measure trends, and easy enough to use that even those without reporting experience will be able to make sense of it.

AgoraPulse also has some cool features that other platforms don’t, including competitor analysis and running contests.


Last but not least, we have the much-loved social media management tool Hootsuite, which is currently being used by over 18 million people and more than 800 of the Fortune 1000.

Compatible with 35 social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Hootsuite boasts bulk scheduling via CSV files, auto scheduling of future content and a calendar with daily, weekly and monthly views.

Unlike Sprout Social and AgoraPulse, Hootsuite doesn’t quite have the same capability when it comes to the social inbox. This feature only works with Facebook page messages and Twitter DMs, so you don’t get the full suite of your social media messaging. But if you mostly focus on working with Facebook and Twitter then Hootsuite is a great option.

Allowing downloads in various formats such as Excel, PowerPoint, PDF and CSV, the Hootsuite reporting tool is simple to use and gives comprehensive analytics to capture social data, providing you with actionable insights to shape your social media strategy.

Which of the three social media management tools most captures your interest? Whichever one you choose, be sure that using a tool to manage your social media is going to boost your audience engagement, give you a better insight into which of your posts work well and definitely make your life that much easier.


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