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Why freelancers are the perfect choice for your business transformation project (2000+words)

How to choose the right freelancer for your project (1300+words)

How a mobile app can cut your recruitment costs (1300+words)

What makes Portl different? (2000+words)

Portl is a mobile app that connects clients with freelancers. It is much more cost-effective for clients than using a recruiter, and doesn’t take a commission from freelancers so is more appealing than other freelance platforms.

As this was a new app, the client wanted to create content that raised awareness of the product by attracting new clients and freelancers to the site.

We decided that longer more informative articles would be a good starting point as they would offer more value than shorter posts.

Client feedback: “I love it! I really like how you reference Portl without it coming across too salesy, plus how you link the articles together. I love your writing style, and you’ve nailed the brief.”


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