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Blue Hat Teambuilding

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Why is Blue Hat different?

We offer more

Imagine your entire team working cohesively, smartly and creatively… what difference could that make to your bottom line?

We believe corporate teambuilding is about more than having a laugh with colleagues. Done well, teambuilding can improve how your people interact, work together and how much they can improve your business.

We give you a return on your investment

Blue Hat Teambuilding are experts in event design, delegate engagement and behavioural change. We ensure you get a higher return on your investment with us than with anyone else.

Your team will develop valuable planning and process skills

Our name Blue Hat comes from the De Bono’s Six Thinking Hats concept. The Blue Hat represents process; how people organise their thinking and plan for action. Our activities aim to help participants think, organise, plan and process as a team.

We listen

What works for one team might not work for another, even in the same organisation. We listen to what you want from the experience, find out about who you are and who makes up a team, then we plan your event.

We tailor activities to your needs

Our tried-and-tested teambuilding experiences are tailored to fit your company and it’s our mission to get everyone involved and engaged.

We can help whether:

  • You have 50 or 500 people
  • They work together or across several sites
  • The team is management or staff
  • You want the activity to be competitive or collaborative
  • Your team is dealing with change or has settled into a rut.

We find a venue to suit you, offer day or evening teambuilding activities to fit around other events (like conferences or trainings) and make sure that every member of the team gets lots out of the day.

We’re always looking for new ways to do things

We are constantly looking to add new experiences to our portfolio and new ways to help teams develop. We value participants’ feedback and are constantly improving how we run events.

We have happy customers

Not only do we have an exceptional rating of 97% across our reviews, we have also won heaps of top awards in a variety of sectors, and many of our customers come back to us year after year.

We are proud of our infectiously enthusiastic team

Our team has so much fun running our teambuilding events, it’s hard not to want to join in. We make sure there is plenty of support on hand, before and during the event, and our trained staff can handle just about every eventuality.

‘Great day! The teambuilding exercise was fun and energizing, and a great opportunity for discussions and collaboration with people from different teams across the organisation that you might not have met or worked with before.’

If you want to know how your organisation can benefit from maximised engagement at your next meeting, conference or event, simply get in touch. [link here]


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