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How to eat your way around Madrid

Spain’s cosmopolitan capital has a stellar gourmet reputation – and a whopping 17 Michelin-starred restaurants. But when it comes to discovering where to eat in Madrid, there’s nothing better than eating your way through these beautiful streets, unearthing the best local eateries, markets and street food as you go.

Central Madrid is bursting with foodie hotspots. But where to begin? Kickstart your Spanish culinary adventure with our Madrid food guide…

Start with a traditional breakfast

Many Madrileños – or Madrid locals – like to start the day with a mug of strong cortado (milky coffee) and some early morning garlic (!) in the form of pan con tomate. Think toasted slices of baguette topped with garlic, crushed ripe tomatoes and extra virgin olive oil. Simple but delicious. Café de Oriente serves up some of the best in the city with a side order of stunning Royal Palace views.

In typical laid-back Spanish style, breakfast can run as late as 11.30am. Brunch is a relatively new concept here but if you’re craving scrambled eggs and bacon head to Café Oliver in the trendy Chueca district. You’ll be treated to a three-course brunch extravaganza for under €30.





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