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Booklet copy for Spire Healthcare

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Spire Healthcare run a hospital in Bristol that was formerly a nightclub called The Glen. As a way of marking the special place that The Glen had in the hearts of many Bristolians, and to record the history of the site, Spire asked me to write a detailed booklet. It included covering the history of the site since Victorian times and capturing the popularity of The Glen as a hub for Nightlife in Bristol and beyond. It also included a separate section with interviews from around 15 Bristolians who remembered visiting The Glen in its heyday.


An extract from the introduction to the booklet:

If you spent your teenage years in Bristol during the 1950s or 1960s, then The Glen, as it is fondly known, needs no introduction.

Once a playground and a picnic area which families from across Bristol flocked to, The Glen is perhaps most famous for its years as a dance hall and nightclub where thousands of young revellers came to dance the night away to rock ‘n’ roll music with friends and partners.

The site is now home to Spire The Glen Hospital Bristol and although the disco lights and loud music were turned off a long time ago, I like to think that the happy atmosphere has stayed with us and is now part of the impeccable service we provide to the thousands of patients we see each year.

As The Glen has entered its next chapter, with a recent multi-million pound investment making the hospital the most technologically-advanced facility in the South West, we felt there was no better time to put together this booklet to celebrate The Glen’s past, present and future and to mark its special place in the hearts of so many Bristolians.