Portfolio project

Brand guide, website copy and ongoing marketing for Kernow Adventure Park

The rebrand

With a glass-fronted clubhouse, cafe, bar and its own beach, this idyllic quarry is “a little oasis, a safe playground and a social sanctuary cocooned within nature”. What started out as a wake park (in 2013) has been transformed into an adventure centre for the whole family (opening in March 2016) with assault courses, open water swimming, wakeboarding and outdoor training.

Commissioned by creative design and marketing agency, Zephyr Creative, to build a brand guide, tone of voice and website copy, and working with web developer, DMC, Blue Scribe (that’s me) worked directly with the park’s in-house team to deliver ongoing content after launch.

With clear creative direction from Chloë at Zephyr and a precise site map from Pete at DMC in November 2015, this was a breath of fresh air, and the first project I’d delivered with creative agencies since my own launch (May 2015). Now I work with a host of design agencies alongside direct clients, and I’m loving it.

Gratifying feedback in an idyllic setting

The backdrop for this project made it an absolute pleasure. The tagline: ‘Be adventurous together’ came naturally after a three-hour interview with owner, Alex Sly, by guiding him towards his brand pillars: ‘adventure, extreme, together’.

The feedback was gratifying too: “The good thing about you is that you took the time to understand how it all works and what it means to the people who work here and you just ‘get’ me,” said Alex.

Interviewing and ‘going deep’

I always go deep into the world of each business, spending more time than I should with the owners, and, because of my journalism background, interviewing is fundamental — but, then, how else can you do this job? As a result, Alex said: “You turned it into something personal, which actually means something, not like the generic marketing bumf you see on all the other wake parks.”

Working with creative agencies

Zephyr was KAP’s retained marketing agency at the time of the relaunch. The agency is a  specialist in the UK sport and fitness industry. DMC, which designed and built the website and the on-site booking system, is a specialist is the sport, leisure and tourism sector.

Chloë Windo, from Zephyr, said: “This brand guide and web copy was incredibly insightful and detailed — I really couldn’t be happier with it. We now have a solid foundation from which to continue to build the brand, and I know it will also be invaluable for the business on a daily basis.”

Peter Hunt, from web design and digital marketing company, DMC, which specialises in the outdoor sport and leisure industry, said: “The meta data content was good; overall we were really pleased. We look forward to continuing our working partnership with KAP and Blue Scribe this year on further design projects (in between the wake boarding sessions).”

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