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Brand guidelines and other projects for an agency

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I've worked on several projects for the creative marketing agency Hudson Wright Easton - generally writing or editing website content and other marketing materials. I wrote the brand guidelines for one client, a premium menswear brand, and particularly enjoyed working on the tone of voice. Please see the sample opposite.


A brand’s tone of voice is comparable to the way a person talks. Through the choice and use of words, it expresses the personality of the brand in question. Done well, it is one of the most valuable assets of all. It encourages loyalty and deepens relationships with audience.


[The brand] is synonymous with style, sophistication and fine craftsmanship, and so the tone of voice embodies these qualities.

Imagine [the brand] is a person. This person is:

  • Confident
  • Witty
  • Authoritative (but not arrogant)
  • Light-hearted
  • Educated
  • A man about town
  • He is knowledgeable and gives advice, but he does not take himself too seriously.

If he were a magazine, he would be GQ – modern, stylish, grown-up but not stuffy. And definitely “in-the-know”.