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Brand ToV and Website content – Social Enterprise/ Registered Charity

About this project

Aleevee8, a new social enterprise/ registered charity, provided a brief for the creation of Brand TOV, website content and blog content. This was all to be produced and delivered ahead of launch in order to open the site with relevant content, a strong SEO presence and a consistent brand.


aleevee8 is a dual entity UK registered social enterprise—aleevee8 CIC and the aleevee8 Foundation. It was founded solely to empower local social enterprises in developing communities and deliver poverty reduction through our unique sustainable development model.

aleevee8 is a duel entity with a single goal; as a social enterprise we understand that we have a responsibility to utilise the most effective commercial means to deliver social justice; as a foundation we place openness, transparency and altruism above all else. With these tenants and a social advocacy built on a real commercial understanding we believe we can truly sustain poverty alleviation and opportunity. Our model to deliver this is through eco-tourism.

Tourism is a market that has the power to create change internationally. The only problem is that the communities of the mountainous Nepal regions lack the infrastructure and more importantly the opportunity to capatilise on this tourism. Our aim is to change that. With the construction of community owned eco-lodges and capacity building through our unique aVSEC we aim to kick start real sustainable poverty reduction with eco-tourism.

We are a business of co-operation and sustainability which means your passion is our passion. This is an idea that, with like-minded individuals, can help alleviate poverty in these regions.