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Winkreative is a communications, branding and design agency based in London with offices around the world. It is the sister company of Monocle magazine, and is known for a distinctive aesthetic and its editorial approach. Each year they produce a booklet for potential clients showcasing their work and for 2016/2017 I was commissioned to write all the copy. I interviewed account managers, designers and clients to find out what was special about each project, and how Winkreative had gone beyond the brief each time.


Client: Le Meridien


Country: France


In 2014, the French hotel group went through a major rebrand that shifted its focus from business to leisure travel. We were asked to come up with a single big idea that would interpret the new brand vision, built on the concept of ‘destinations unlocked’.


Le Meridien was set up by Paris Air in 1972 to offer a home-from-home to the intrepid Francophone traveller, with properties in far-flung destinations from Africa to Azerbaijan. But this heritage had been left behind as the brand became more focused on the business destination.


The rebrand took the group back to its roots. Through partnerships with major cultural organisations, museums, galleries, local artists and musicians, guests are encouraged to explore and discover a more intimate and unexpected side to each destination. The campaign brief was to speak more emotionally to a new audience, as well as the established customer base.


With the tagline ‘Find something you weren’t looking for’, our campaign features eight visuals by French illustrator Virginie Morgand that celebrate this sense of surprise, adventure and discovery. The work was a creative departure for Meridien, whose advertising had always been product-centred and photographic in style. Inspired by mid-century French chic, the illustrations put the traveller centre-stage, connecting to the customer in a way that’s fun but also authentic and sophisticated.