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Brochure Re-write for Ananné skincare.

ananné – Product Brochure Rewrite.


 Naturally pure – the ananné philosophy


ananné represents the purest elements found in nature. Developed by neuroscientist Professor Urs Pohlman, ananné offers Swiss-made luxury cosmetics for those who seek natural ways to care for their skin. Based on years of research in phytomedicine, neurobiology and dermatology, ananné products blend herbal ingredients with scientific innovation. The ananné philosophy values a holistic approach to skincare, embracing the pure scents found in nature for a multi sensory experience. Derived exclusively from plants and minerals, ananné supports the skin’s natural regenerative power for a fresh, well-nourished complexion.


Naturally balanced – the ananné range


ananné provides an entirely natural skin care regime, developed with an extensive knowledge of the skin’s physiology. Carefully selected ingredients are blended to work in harmony with each other and deeply nourish the skin. By promoting the biological regeneration processes of the skin, ananné’s tailored compositions are proven to naturally rejuvenate, soothe and nurture a range of skin types.


Naturally active – the ananné ingredients


A love of nature is at the heart of the ananné range. With a unique patented process, ananné is created using natural active ingredients found in plants. Fruit kernels, seeds and nuts are processed immediately after harvest using CO2 cold extraction, ensuring plant substances remain as close to their biological origin as possible. These extracted oils remain as pure as those found in the core of a ripe fruit, and offer the highest levels of quality and bioavailability. This environmentally friendly process ensures the oils are free of harmful emissions or water contamination.


Ananné are proud to be:


  • Certified drug cosmetics.
  • Created using organically farmed or wild harvested ingredients.
  • Vegan and halal, using ingredients with no animal origin.


As a wholly natural brand, our products are:


  • Against animal testing
  • Free from synthetic substances including parabens and emulsifiers
  • Free from synthetic fragrances and dyes


Discover more at www.ananne.com




Natural cleansing


LAVANTICUM – the purifying cleanser

A gentle skin cleanser ideal for everyday use. Precious papaya leaf extract activates blood circulation, promoting oxygenation and detoxification of the skin for a noticeably revived and nourished complexion. For a deeper cleanse, use as a leave-on mask.


EXFOLIANT – the gentle scrub

A revitalizing peeling exfoliant to deeply cleanse the skin. Ultra fine biodegradable bamboo crystals stimulate blood and oxygen flow to encourage cell renewal. Carefully selected plant extracts nourish the skin from within for a glowing, radiant complexion.


TONICUM – the toning mist

An invigorating toner to promote the skin’s natural blood circulation. Zesty ginger extract increases the elasticity of the skin and refines pores, acting as a brightening primer within your daily regime.


Natural everyday


EQUILIBRIUM – the protective day care

A revitalizing day cream to moisturize and balance the immunological barrier function. Precious White Lupine Oil activates collagen regeneration, while ubiquinone and vitamins A and E refine pores. Fine wrinkles are minimized for a youthful complexion.


CURA NOCTIS – the soothing night cream

A soothing night cream to encourage the skin’s natural regeneration process. Nutrient-rich Evening Primrose Oil soothes irritation and strengthens the skin’s immune system for a smooth and revitalised complexion.


AMABILIS – the intensive hand care

An intensely moisturizing hand cream to nourish and soothe. Rich algae extracts provide intense moisture while fast absorbing oils improve skin elasticity for soft, supple hands.


Natural anti-ageing


NECTAR CUTIS – the highly effective serum

A revitalizing serum to support deep regeneration of the skin. Wrinkles are reduced and skin is balanced and tightened for an even complexion.


REGENERATIO – the nourishing anti-aging cream

An intensively moisturizing anti-aging cream to revitalise and soothe stressed skin. Wrinkles are smoothed and skin is stimulated to encourage self-cleansing and reconstruction of cell structures. Ideal as a neck and décolleté cream.



Natural radiance


SOLACIUM – the regenerative serum

A specialist soothing serum for stressed skin.  Supporting the skin’s natural regeneration process, it works with the cell’s own repair processes for a calm, refreshed complexion.


OCULISSIMUM – the invigorating eye balm

A nourishing eye cream ideal for everyday use. The soothing and firming action works sensitively with this delicate area of skin, making tired eyes look fresh and radiant once again.


Natural body


LAVATIO – the invigorating shower gel

A revitalizing shower gel to reawaken the senses. Enriching the skin with natural moisture and vitamins, healing Seabuckthorn Oil regenerates tissue to smooth and soothe the skin. Ideal for very sensitive and allergy-prone skin.


SERICUM  – the silky body lotion

An intensely moisturizing body lotion with essential nutrients and long-lasting effects. Nourishing Moringaseed Oil promotes self-cleansing of the skin and tightens tissue. The fast-absorbing formula ensures smooth, supple skin.


CLARITAS – the vitalizing shampoo

A gentle shampoo that works deep within the hair shaft for a thorough cleanse. Revitalizing Scutellaria Alpina soothes the scalp, strengthens the hair roots and regenerates the hair structure, leaving a silky shine and weightless finish. Ideal for colour treated hair.


AMICIO – the nourishing conditioner

A moisture rich conditioner to replenish the hair with valuable nutrients after cleansing. Brazilian Pataua oil rejuvenates the hair structure from within to reduce split ends and styling damage. Hair is left tangle-free with a radiant shine. Ideal for irritated scalps and colour treated hair.





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