Portfolio project

Business plan for Yorkshire Water

Every 5 years we produce a business plan which sets out what services you can expect from us and the price you can expect to pay. price review 2019 (PR19) business plan covers the 5 year period 2020-25, and is based on what you, our customers, tell us every day; it is built on the views of over 30,000 customers.

You have told us what you value and the different ways your lifestyles rely on water. Thousands of you have talked directly to us through various channels, including our online community ‘Your Water’, and we have received feedback
and challenge from the Yorkshire Forum for Water Customers (the Forum), an independent challenge group responsible for ensuring your views are fairly reflected in our business plan.

This document is a summary of the business plan we submitted to Ofwat, our economic regulator , on 3 September 2018.  It is designed to briefly provide you with the main points of our plan so that you can see what we intend to do and how your priorities have been reflected.

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Nyree Hughes