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Campaign on behalf of the Bhopal Medical Appeal


… Union Carbide gave a paltry $500 to each of the half million maimed survivors and abandoned its factory, leaving toxic waste to poison the local drinking wells. To this day, Bhopal faces a continuing epidemic of cancers and birth defects.

Dow Chemical refuses to pay any more compensation or commit to cleaning up the area. They’ve washed their hands of the whole thing. It doesn’t even rate a mention in merger documents. All the talk is of how the merger is expected to create $13.7 billion or more in combined annual profit.

Bhopal survivors have never stopped the struggle for justice and a life of dignity. Once Dow and DuPont merge, their hopes could be suffocated forever under multiple corporate veils.

Help us use Dow’s $130 billion merger to remind the world about the tragedy of Bhopal. Please take a moment to sign the petition telling Dow they should take responsibility for their actions. Thank you.

DON’T bury Bhopal.



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