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Carrera y Carrera for Luxury Lifestyle Magazine Simply Abu Dhabi

‘The maxi ring in white and yellow gold consists of an arm that simulates the swaying branch of a tree with one of the collection’s butterfly protagonists embracing flowers with its antenna.

‘Carrera Y Carrera claim the difficulty in this piece was creating it in a way that it evoked a true sense of weightlessness, whilst simultaneously giving it an ethereal and organic character that would distinguish it and furnish a subtle fluttering effect.

‘The talented designers of Carrera Y Carrera particularly emphasise sculptural importance in their work, visible here in the way they have made the pieces in such a way that the movement of the wings of each butterfly can be truly appreciated from any angle.

‘The yellow and white gold earrings in the collection feature a modern design – the concept of an earring is radically reinvented, drawing them upwards as though the butterfly is taking flight. Each butterfly silhouette is filled with openwork that really gives a greater lightness to the pieces in the collection.

‘Accompanying the earrings and the ring is the maxi necklace, also in yellow and white gold, featuring diamonds and sapphires in a simulation of a flock of butterflies, playing amongst themselves and bringing the essential movement to the piece.’


Charlie Benton



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