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Catawiki Seller Texts

About this project

Online Auctioneers Catawiki asked me to produce 60 SEO friendly seller texts, aimed at anyone interested in selling antique objects online, including potential and existing Catawiki users. The texts would be displayed on each of Catawiki’s auction category pages and should encourage users of Catawiki to sell their special objects on the site.


They say that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”- this is certainly true in the world of design. A well-designed object or piece of furniture can transform any space and it is for this reason that the work of famous designers remains popular long after it is made. When it comes to a design auction, what one bidder loves, another may dislike. This diversity of tastes is reflected in the huge range of design items on sale in Catawiki’s design auctions. Whether it is furniture by the renowned architect and designer Le Corbusier, fibreglass lounge chairs by Charles and Ray Eames or the distinctive work of Paul McCobb that you wish to sell, Catawiki has an auction for your object.


Catawiki Sample Texts