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Church Urban Fund


Our brand positioning is dictated by a clear set of brand values.
We are not only Christian and compassionate, we are also professional, expert and effective.

Church Urban Fund is a unique charitable organisation. It is a key charitable arm of the Church of England, working in partnership with churches, individuals and community groups throughout England to address conditions that create poverty – such as insecure incomes, unemployment, lack of education, poor housing, family breakdown, mental health, addiction, isolation and abuse.

We work at both a local and national level supporting other organisations and driving positive change within our communities. As such, we need to ensure that our communications not only convey our compassionate, human side, but also an authoritative, professional image.

We need to be seen as contemporary, vibrant and relevant.

Our values are integral to our brand positioning.


We are a national organisation with a very strong local focus.

We work through the Church of England’s network of over 12,000 parishes, which provide unique access deep into local communities. Our networks include local churches, other faith-based organisations and secular organisations. We are one of the most locally connected charities in the UK.

We have built these relationships by working with a particular set of values.

We are inclusive – we work with people as we find them. We encourage aspiration,personal action, personal resilience and relationships between people and communities which enhance mutually positive regard. We believe that all people are made free and equal and we champion that cause.

We are relational – we work with others by building trust and respect. We believe that meaningful relationships are the basis of real and sustainable change and this is central to everything we do. We work to inspire, inform and support others and we do this the through quality of the connections we build.

We are effective – where lives and communities are blighted by poverty, poor relationships or community tensions, we want to help bring about positive change. We are oriented towards finding solutions and bringing about lasting change by working through our relational partnerships.

These values come from our Christian foundations through which we have a desire to see real change in human lives and in our country.


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