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Civil engineering article for Blenheim Palace and JN Bentley Ltd in the International Water Power and Dam Construction Magazine

Headline: Contractors Build on Capability’s Legacy

Standfirst: When modern safety requirements prompted spillway modifications at Blenheim Palace’s dam, civil engineers and reservoir inspectors had to find a solution to preserve this World Heritage Site and ensure structural integrity was not compromised.

By line: Kate Crawford reports.

Lead paragraph: It may be every designer’s dream to transcend a trend and create a timeless classic, but Lancelot Capability Brown is perhaps one of the few to achieve just that. When he was commissioned to redesign the landscape of England’s Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire in the naturalistic style fashionable of the era, it’s unlikely he would have imagined that civil engineers and reservoir safety experts would be working together almost 250 years later to preserve it.

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