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Content distribution: Lessons from the B2B leaders

Just as leaders use a variety of content formats to get their message across, they also spread that message through a variety of channels, typically using around seven formats to others’ five.

Digital marketing looms large in the strategy of leaders, with social media, company websites, search engine advertising and email marketing all used more widely than others.

More traditional channels such as industry or firm-organised events are favoured slightly more by others than by leaders. It’s true that digital approaches give a wider reach and, likely, more bang for the buck, but the right content delivered at the right event can be a highly effective conversation-starter.

Likewise, print is far from dead; just under 40% of both groups distribute via their firm’s print publications. Print should not be forgotten as a potential disruptor in the digital age; think of how rarely a hard-copy magazine crosses your desk these days, and consider the potential impact of a tangible product.


Lauren McMenemy




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