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Content strategy, blogs & articles for Dinghy

Ultimate guide to pricing work as a freelancer  (2500+words)

How to get paid as a freelancer (2500+words)

Top ten mistakes freelancers make when starting out (2500+words)

Freelancer Fear: The secret anxiety nobody wants to admit (1200+words)

How freelancers can compete with agencies (1200+words)

5 things you need to know before starting your freelance business (1200+words)

How to build a network of trusted partners (500+words)

What’s your USP? (500+words)

How to get the best out of networking (500+words)

Dinghy provide business insurance specifically for freelancers. They wanted to attract more freelancers to their website and improve SEO. I discussed the idea of creating articles which would cover the kind of questions freelancers would be asking and providing sound advice that would help freelancers who were just starting out. This way they would build trust with freelancers early in their career and become their first choice for business insurance.

We discussed a range of topics and decided on a mix of both long and short articles to see which generated the most engagement. One of the articles, ‘How to get paid as a freelancer’, was shared on Twitter by Go Cardless and the articles generated interest from a local university who wanted to help more students go down the freelancing route.

Feedback from the client: “Lisa is a great writer who has produced good content, quickly. She came up with ideas that fit around the content theme that we presented to her, and her content ideas were actually better than we had thought of ourselves. I am happy to highly recommend her.”


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