Portfolio project

Content writing for IT sector (via Jarrang agency)

The brand

Jarrang is a data-driven marketing agency (with offices in Cornwall and London) that helps businesses reach their goals by using targeted campaigns which convert customer data into sales.

A stream of valuable content

Working with one of Jarrang’s national clients, I created blogs, ebooks, landing pages and remarketing ads, as well as reworking sales emails to suit the voice of the other content. This work was done to a tight deadline (aren’t they always) and around a highly complex niche sector.

Making complex stuff simple

My challenge was to get my head around the sector (not an easy task in this case), then translate it for the end-reader. In this case the end-readers were managers within different departments (and within different customer sectors) in large organisations. Most importantly, all the content had to knit together and tick the usual boxes: be relevant, understandable; illustrate the benefits and encourage action.

Client feedback >

“Craig is a copywriting superstar who gets the job done. He came highly recommended to us, and here’s why: he’s able to get to grips with niche topics really fast, then explain them in a simple way for the client’s prospects, and with a quick turnaround. He responds well to direct feedback (he’s not afraid of the truth, like the thick-skinned former journalist that he is).

“As well as working with supplied product information, Craig also conducted his own, deep research and spelled out exactly where he sourced all his information. On this job we also put Craig in direct contact with the client so he could interview them to drill down further into the topic. He handled this brilliantly, producing fantastic work which we, and the client, were impressed with.”


Craig Blackburn

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