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Copy editing: kulula.com and eBucks print campaign

kulula.com is a cheeky budget airline in South Africa with its own in-flight magazine. eBucks is a multi-partner rewards programme. A creative agency created the initial design, but the copy wasn’t quite right (many kulula.com customers didn’t even know what eBucks was). I tailored the copy I received from the eBucks marketing team into kulula.com’s tone of voice for their in-flight magazine and added it to the design files myself. They approved my draft.

eBucks and kulula.com in-flight magazine August 2018

Need a break without breaking your budget? Yeah, you do. 

eBucks and kulula.com have been taking over the skies together since 2008, saving countless South Africans from sad holidays at home watching their piggy banks go on an imposed diet. It’s easy. You can pay for kulula.com tickets in eBucks, Rands, or any combination of the two (very handy for our zany eBucks Discounts of up to 40% off).

Original text:

eBucks and kulula.com

eBucks members don’t have to watch those great kulula.com deals pass them by. Yip that’s right – eBucks members can spend their eBucks to pay for any kulula.com flight by booking with eBucks Travel online. Plus, eBucks offers up to 40% back on kulula.com tickets. NB: You can book for family and friends too.


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