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Packaging (front): ARE YOU A GIRL BOSS?!

Packaging (back): SPOILER ALERT: You’re already a Girl Boss! You’re just going around living your life and doing you! So, take this quiz and discover your inner Girl Boss. So make yourself comfortable, share your truth… and prepare for enlightenment! Answer questions on Friends & Family, Work, Romance, Health & Wellbeing and Finance and  before you know it you’ll discover exactly what type of Girl Boss you are. In other words, you’ll receive praise for being the specific category of life smashing shero that you are. Go forth and conquer!

Intro copy:

Are you a GirlBoss? Do you aspire to be a GirlBoss? Are you thinking… what the heck is a GirlBoss?! Well, read on and all your questions will be answered … and your dreams fulfilled.*

The Girl Boss is a special breed of human. She walks amongst us, often unknown to us, but mostly (let’s be real) asking to speak to to the manager.

Girl Boss is in control! Girl Boss is in charge! Girl Boss is in the driver seat and is in fact a statistically safer driver, boys.


Is this you? If so, read on and feel really great about yourself. Tell your friends. Tell your family. You’re winning at life!

If this isn’t you… put this quiz down immediately. JOKING. Wait…. Wait…. Come back. You’ve got this, girl. You’re doing you and we believe in you! See what your own style of success looks like.

GirlBoss is more than a type of girl. GirlBoss is a mindset, a state of mind. But … and be prepared to have your mind blown… every one of us is a GirlBoss. Unless you don’t identify as a girl, then perhaps you’re just a boss. And well, that’s a whole other discussion! This quiz will show you can be any type of girl and attain inner Boss-dom (or peace, or both). We’ll help you release that Inner Queen!

So read the following questions and for each, choose the most relevant answer. Only one! No bonus points for extra enthusiasm, sorry babez! Keep a note of your answers, add up your points at the end and we’ll direct you to your Girl Boss profile. Once you have your score, you’ll find out what kind of Fabulous Queen you really are.  

*We unfortunately cannot be held responsible for any unfulfilled dreams. Please direct any complaints to… men@thepatriarchy.com


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