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Oxfam – help us ban landmines.

What would you say to Ana?

Every class has a pupil like nine-year-old Ana – full of questions. “Why can’t we play outside?”, “Why can’t our families work in the fields?”, “Why are shelves at our village shop empty?” Every time it’s the same answer. Landmines. Today, she’s pointing at the empty seat beside her in the temporary classroom. “Where is Tommy?” The room falls silent. Her teacher looks at the floor, then back at Ana. “Tommy’s not with us any more.”

Landmines kill more than 3,000 people a year. Most are civilians. Oxfam is lobbying governments to ban landmines worldwide. Sign our petition now at whereistommy.com.


Military dictatorship – help us lay landmines.

Cobra crew are a cut above

Feel like there’s got to be more to life? Hate the daily grind of work or study? Dare to be different. If you’re fit, aged 18-30 and up for the ultimate action-packed challenge, be a part of Project Cobra. Join the armed forces’ crack squad of landmine operatives and leave the humdrum crew behind. You’ll get full, quality-assured training; opportunities to travel at home and overseas; a competitive salary and generous benefits. And members of the elite Cobra team even benefit from fast-track promotion opportunities within the military. So be different. Find out more – today – at ProjectCobra.com.


Arms manufacturer – buy our landmines.

Ultimate security from $3

Threats come in many guises. It could be worries about your health, job security or the economy. But the biggest threat to our entire way of life is the fragile nature of the State. The Arab uprisings showed the threat may even come from within, and how quickly a State can plunge into chaos.

For protection from internal and external forces, Raptor anti-personnel and anti-vehicle mines offer the ultimate deterrent. Manufactured to the highest standards and starting at $3, they are the cost-effective way to secure borders or disputed areas. Order now for a 10% discount at raptorworld.com.


VSO – help us clear landmines.

The coolest, toughest job in the world

You are cool under intense pressure. You welcome huge challenges with open arms. But most of all, you care. If this sounds like you, help VSO take on the terrible blight of the world’s landmines. Despite decades of global public opposition, the shocking truth is that landmines still kill more than 3,000 people each year. Most are civilian women and children, and many thousands of victims survive but suffer horrific injuries.

VSO’s landmine-clearance teams are experts. We provide full training, a living allowance, accommodation and emotional support. All we need, is you. Find out more, today, at vsointernational.org.


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