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COURSEWORK ASSIGNMENT – Direct mail for a cats and dogs home (The Blackford Centre, Frome)

Please don’t walk away from your chance to save an innocent life.

This is an urgent appeal for your help to care for cats and dogs who have suffered from brutal neglect and sickening cruelty.

I’m looking for people who can spare just 16p per day to give these mistreated animals intensive care and save their lives. If you can help, please reply by August 31st.

Dear Pet Lover,

Every six minutes, a pet in the UK is abandoned. That’s over 87,000 pets every year.

We at Oldingham Cats and Dogs Home can’t help them all, but we can make a huge difference. I need help from people like you.

I need you.

My team and I work relentlessly every day to give sick and neglected animals the care they need to recover from foul mistreatment. I’ve seen animals with burns, bruises, broken bones, diseased skin, tooth decay, parasites and, shockingly, tails and ears that have been cut off. We don’t receive any government funding. We survive solely on generous donations from people who want to ease their suffering.

To read the full direct mail letter, please visit https://docs.google.com/document/d/11HZYhxFQHE8ps6WNfUZWjrjqHr6Ihl6d0Rj_70ut-aw/edit


Oliver Petts

Crown Copywriting


Links Tor House
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