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Criton by Info Apps

About this project

Info Apps supply owners of hospitality businesses the chance to create their own mobile app, bespoke to their property. They contacted me in need of web copy for the launch of their product, as well as some sales emails to go with it. You can see an example of my work below:



Do you need a helping hand in running your hospitality or service company?
Build your own digital concierge using

Criton, by Information Apps

Intro Copy

‘I can’t find the on switch!’ – Jayne, Keswick

‘How do I make the water warm?’ – Paul, Aberdeen

‘Is there a Lebanese place nearby?’ – Gregory, Southampton

Sound familiar?

At Info Apps, we want to save you and your hospitality business time.  We enable you to create an app, bespoke to your property, to act as your digital concierge.  Because you can’t be everywhere at once and it’s much cheaper than employing a call centre.  

You just have to follow these 3 simple Steps:

  1. Design your app  with Criton
  2. Add the information you want it to include
  3. Publish

Then all you will have to do is point your guests in the direction of the App Store or Google Play when they make their booking.  From there they can download your app and have access to all the information they might require.  Its up to you how much information you include, but do try to remember how unusual guest enquiries have been in the past.  If you don’t get it right straight away, you can update or customise your app at any time.  



Whether you own one self catering apartment or a large hotel, we can help to enhance your guests’ experience.  Create an app that provides them with everything they will need for a hassle free and enjoyable stay, from live chat with your reception to instructions on how to use the coffee machine.  That way you can rest assured that they have everything they need without you being personally required at all times.  

Also, as Trip Advisor can be built into your app, your guests will be more likely to get on there and wax lyrical about their awesome stay.  

Boats & Barges

You know how people say they understand you but they don’t?  Well, you have to put a lot of trust in your guests when you offer them a stay on your boat.  Swift demonstrations can leave both parties with a sense of unease before casting off.

Well, with Info Apps, you can create an app that can assist the aspiring crew with video demonstrations, as well as any other relevant information that will improve their stay.   

Residential Property Market

Instruction manuals are things of the past.  It’s time to modernise and offer your tenants a residential experience for current times.  

If you are a private landlord, letting agency or even a building contractor offering new homes, give your tenants a smart piece of tech that they can use as their first port of call for any questions relating to their dwelling.  

This one simple solution creates many benefits, including instant access to appliance instructions and a platform from which to request assistance (should your succinct and carefully thought out instructions fail to spell something out for them sufficiently).