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CRUK ‘Scar’ DM.

As a rule, younger men simply don’t give to charity. Drawing on extensive customer insight, this pack creates the visceral impact men told us it would take for them to consider giving to Cancer Research UK.



Not to be opened by women or children.



If you died, could those closest to you cope with the scars of cancer?

Dear Mr Sample,

I am writing to ask for your support because every year, thousands of families discover that you don’t have to have cancer yourself to suffer its effects.

A family scarred forever?

It may surprise you to know that over 79,500 men in the UK die from cancer every year. That’s enough to fill Wembley Stadium almost to capacity.

Part of the problem is that, with cancer, most men just hope for the best. And by not facing up to the danger, we put those we love at risk of emotional scars which may never heal.

Britain’s biggest killer of men deserves more than a second’s thought.

Every seven minutes, another man loses his battle with cancer.It’s Britain’s biggest killer of men, but thanks to research the chances of surviving are better than ever before.

Take testicular cancer. Since the 1970s, your chances of survival have grown from 68% to 98%. And overall, the cancer death rate for men has fallen by 15% in just 10 years.

It’s no exaggeration to say that hundreds of thousands of people are alive today because of research to develop new ways to prevent, diagnose andtreat cancer. But we need your help to go on with this crucial work.

Help protect those you love with a gift of £2 a month.

Our research depends on support from people like you. Help us today and together we can transform the future for people with cancer.

Today we are on the brink of hugely promising advances and need help more than ever. Month by month, you can play a vital part in helping to beat cancer.

Please give £2 a month. It’s as easy as completing and returning the enclosed form.

Thank you.

Professor Nick Lemoine,

Director, CRUK Clinical Centre at Barts and the London.


<Letter rear>

Some risks you can avoid. But with cancer, doing nothing is the most dangerous thing of all.

1 man is diagnosed with cancer every 4 minutes.

Over 79,500 men die from cancer in the UK each year – enough to fill Wembley Stadium almost to capacity.

Cancer Research UK saves lives.

Thanks to research into cancer, hundreds of thousands of men, women and children are alive today who wouldn’t otherwise have survived.

8 out of 10 bowel cancers could be successfully treated if detected early. A major focus of our work is to develop and improve diagnostic and screening techniques. We were also instrumental in encouraging the Government to introduce an NHS bowel screening programme that will save thousands of lives.

More than 7 out of 10 children are now successfully treated for cancer. In the 1960s it was fewer than 3 in 10.

98% of men are now successfully treated for testicular cancer. In the 1970s it was just 68%.

Last year we invested £257m in research, for which we receive virtually no Government funding. There is still so much to do and our work depends on people like you giving £2 a month.

Support advances like these and help find new ways to beat cancer.

We have discovered a genetic ‘switch’ which turns on a gene called telomerase in 8 out of 10 cancers. With your help, we could find a way to turn that switch off and stop cancer growing.

Many cancers trick the body into giving them the blood supply they need to grow. We’re working on drugs which could cut off this blood supply and starve the cancer.


Ignoring cancer won’t make it go away. Giving £2 a month to Cancer Research UK can help beat it.

We’re working towards a world where cancer will be diagnosed earlier, there will be better treatments with fewer side effects, and many more people will survive. But we can’t do it without donations from people like you.


 <Letter reveal>

Compared to the scars it would have left on my family, this is just a scratch.

Research into cancer didn’t just save my life. It saved my children from growing up never knowing their dad. Nothing in the world is more precious to me.

Please give just £2 a month to Cancer Research UK to help more people like me.


Husband, father of four and kidney cancer survivor.

4 years since diagnosis.



 <Donation form>

Yes, I want to protect more families from the scars of cancer.

Jonathan Bradley

Luxus Worldwide




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