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Deeplight: Shining a light on the dark web

Using complex algorithms that ‘learn’ as they go, we have mapped the ‘dark web’ – a poorly understood realm of cyberspace that has come under growing scrutiny for posing unprecedented security threats to organizations. Sites on the dark web cannot be reached without the use of specialized encryption software, enabling those who use it to operate with complete anonymity.

Although partial efforts to map the dark web have been attempted, Intelliagg and Darksum are the first to employ hard data to paint a comprehensive picture of its contents. We are experts on the dark web: we monitor it on behalf of our clients to provide them with actionable intelligence  about emerging threats to their business.

• Maps what is on the dark web for the first time;
• Reveals that the dark web is much smaller than commonly thought;
• Reveals that much of the dark web’s content is entirely legitimate, with only half of it containing content likely to be illegal under U.K. and U.S. law.

Gavin O'Toole

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