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Brand marketing copy for Royal Museums Greenwich

About this project

Royal Museums Greenwich required key marketing copy to be written to define the brand offer, promoting its four Greenwich venues as unique and exciting destinations, highlighting specific USPs and engaging a diverse audience. This copy was adopted across internal and external channels from research reports to leaflets, tourist listings and the RMG website. I also adapted and further crafted the copy in re-writing all content in the RMG visitor maps.


Royal Museums Greenwich: enjoy a whole day out exploring four world-class attractions at the heart of spectacular maritime Greenwich.


Royal Observatory Greenwich

Discover the past, present and future wonders of astronomy at the centre of time. Take an amazing journey through the museum of time and space: discover how great scientists first mapped the seas and the stars, stand astride two hemispheres on the Prime Meridian Line, see pioneering inventions and the UK’s largest refracting telescope, touch a 4.5 billion year-old asteroid, and travel the Universe at London’s only planetarium.


National Maritime Museum

Experience the world’s largest maritime museum, filled with inspirational stories of exploration and endeavour at sea. Discover great explorers and trail-blazing traders, fierce battles and dramatic shipwrecks, naval heroes and ordinary landlubbers, all connecting Britain’s maritime past to our lives today. Find Nelson’s Trafalgar uniform, explore the Great Map, fire at a dastardly pirate ship, or immerse yourself in award-winning galleries and special blockbuster exhibitions.


The Queen’s House Art Gallery

Discover a world-class art collection set amidst the history and beauty of the 17th-century Queen’s House, originally the home of Charles I’s queen, Henrietta Maria, and one of the most important buildings in English architecture. Stand on the elegant Tulip stairs, take in the magnificent Great Hall, and explore works of art by some of our greatest masters, plus installations by contemporary artists.


Cutty Sark

Venture aboard and beneath one of the world’s most famous ships – the last surviving tea clipper, and the fastest and greatest of her time. Delve into the adventures of Cutty Sark and her crew: climb the decks in the footsteps of those who sailed her, explore interactive displays that evoke the sights, smells and sounds of life at sea, and walk right underneath the hull to touch a piece of history.


RMG visitor map