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Ambitious about Autism’s 100-page digital and print guide for parents

Right from the Start

Welcome to our Right from the Start toolkit – a resource designed to help parents and carers of young children with autism to navigate their journey in the early years.

These days there is a staggering amount of information about autism available online, in books or through word of mouth. Much is reliable, some less so – but the sheer volume of information can feel overwhelming, difficult to sift through and hard to verify.

This is why Ambitious about Autism has created this toolkit – to provide practical and straightforward information in one place that will guide families with young children through their autism journey.

The guide is designed to support parents through the earliest years of their children’s lives up to the age they start school at four or five.

We have condensed lengthy documents, created practical tips and checklists, and have provided signposts to sources of support or additional information.

These signposts will direct you to our ‘Right from the Start resources library’, where you can visit recommended websites or download suggested resources.

This toolkit will take you on a step-by-step journey through autism in the early years.

Although every effort has been made to describe this journey accurately, we know that, at times, your own ‘journey’ may be very different. This toolkit should therefore be considered a ‘guide book’ rather than a timetable – one that has been designed to be helpful and relevant for your travels, whatever stage you are at.

We use the word ‘parent’ throughout the toolkit but we understand that the range of people caring for a young child is much broader than that. By ‘parent’ we mean any primary carer of a young child, including adoptive or foster parents.


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