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Digital Transformation in Higher Education Employability Services

In higher education, we are living in interesting times. We have been marketised, student expectations have changed, regulation and regulatory bodies have changed. The access of European and International students to the UK HE sector is under threat. We have research funding concerns, the way success is measured is frequently changing, there is more global competition than ever before and everything seems to cost more – and all the while we have dwindling resources.

As the US Navy Seals would put it, we are operating in a VUCA environment (volatile, uncertain, chaotic and ambiguous).

Yet our model is old fashioned, and no more so than in our employability and  careers services. Our offering is largely campus-based. Students visit job fairs on￾site, they drop-in to a physical Job Shop and sit looking at a computer with an advisor as they try to improve their CV.


Kirsteen Coupar

Kirk Consultancy


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