Portfolio project

Digs Property brandwriting and website copywriting

The brand — student property investment, sales and lettings

Digs Property has been carving out a niche in the student property sector in Falmouth, Cornwall, since 2013. They are now the go-to office for student property sales, investments and lettings in the area.

Challenge — struggling to find identity

When they came to Blue Scribe in 2015, they had just rebranded and relaunched their website, but they were not happy at all. It didn’t tell their story and they still were struggling to find their identity. A new logo just wasn’t enough. They needed to differentiate themselves from the estate agents in the town, as they deliver far more than that. They had also just ventured into a new sector (sales).

Delivery — brand guide and website

I asked some challenging questions and dug deep to pull out their personality, values, purpose and vision. I got to know their audience profile, and reintroduced them to their brand: the problems they solved for customers, the benefits of their services and their superpowers. Then I compiled my ‘word palette,’ pulled out some themes and infused the website copy with their tone of voice, spelling out their value proposition, profiling their team and re-categorising their services.

Some words from the client >

“You captured the essence of us indubitably and the whole process was plain sailing so thank you for being so amenable. We’re really pleased with the content and excited to begin the new chapter. Thank you, Craig.” Alison Berry, property management director.

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