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Direct Mail Piece – ‘Whizz Kids’ After School Club

[Susan Hammond]

[16th May 2017]

[Direct Mail Piece]


Mrs Bartholomew has sent her child to an after school club before and signed up to receive info about any future clubs operating locally. Whizz Kids is a local club that started in Sept 2016.


Dear Mrs Bartholomew

As a hard working mum, we know it can be tough deciding on the best after school care for your child. Whizz Kids can help.

Whizz Kids is a fun, educational science club for primary aged children run by dedicated and experienced professionals.

Based at The Cube, Market Harborough, Whizz Kids provides:

1) A fun education

Set your child’s imagination on fire with interactive and engaging experiments, all supervised by our expert Whizzards (correct). Bring chemistry alive with slithery slime, have a hair-raising experience with the Van de Graaff (correct) generator and discover the building blocks of life with candy DNA. This is just some of the whizz-popping science your child will explore at Whizz Kids.

“The light show was brilliant! There was fire, explosions and fantastic colours. I even got to use neon face paint and disco dance in the dark!”

– James Reece, 8 yrs, Meadowfield (correct) School

And every week your child will be encouraged to continue their investigations at home with a free scientific kit.

2) A safe environment

All our Whizzards have undergone a thorough DBS check and have at least three years’ experience working with primary age children. Many have been school teachers themselves and all have a scientific background.

They have also completed rigorous safety training with our specialised scientific equipment. For more information on the training process please contact our Safety Support Advisor on 01234 567 890.

“Even though I have worked in science labs and primary schools for over 15 years, the Whizz Kids training helped me to understand the specifics, particularly safety aspects”

– Explosive Edward, Whizzard

3) A hassle free experience

Your child will be transported in the free Whizz Kids minibus directly from their school to The Cube. All you have to do is collect him/her from this venue at the end of the session. Simply provide your child with an after-school snack they can eat before the whizz-popping science kicks off.

“It was so easy collecting Sarah from the venue. Parking was a doddle and the hand over from the Whizzards’ care was really organised. I’ve no complaints.”

– Mrs Carter, Lubenham

Whizz Kids runs from 4-5 pm, Wednesdays during term time. Only £35 per half term.

For more information and to book:

email: info@whizzkids.org

call: 01234 111 222

visit: www.whizzkids.org

We at Whizz Kids look forward to helping your child flourish.

Yours sincerely

Susan Hammond

Whizz Kids Managing Director

P.S. If you want a hassle free, fun and safe learning experience for your child then Whizz Kids is the answer. For a limited time only 10% off. Book before June 19th2017.


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Get your child’s education off to a whizz-popping start with Whizz Kids!



Susan Hammond