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Director of Finance Online

Director of Finance Online was a news site for FTSE250 Chief Finance Officers. Web content covered corporate finance, governance, HR, technology, risk management, accounting and more.

SME Web web content writing targeted management of small and medium-sized enterprises. Editorial content covered best practice, management, HR, finance, legal and other topics.

I conducted competitor benchmarking and gap analysis to create content strategies and wireframes. Based on evidence, I defined tone of voice, editorial calendar and style guidelines for both sites. When writing business journalism for industry specialists, it is important to get the right balance. Jargon may be obvious to some readers, but not to others. It is important to write clear language without patronising readers.

Both sites performed above expectation. I had a world exclusive as a news editor – on accounting standards – 2 months after Director of Finance Online’s launch. The Wall Street Journal picked it up and quoted us as the source. Many other media outlets followed, including:

  • Financial Times
  • Reuters
  • Daily Telegraph
  • Investor Chronicle
  • Property Week

The site also had a big following on investment boards. It published detailed analysis and background info on hirings and firings. Blogging, themed features, interviews and news editing formed the bulk of the content. I produced email newsletters too as part of our digital content marketing strategy and social media marketing strategy.

I wrote over 1,000 ‘first time right’ news articles a year, against tight deadlines. These were all included on Google News and other news agregator websites. They often beat national media outlets to the top spot. I was also responsible for copy editing of press releases and other corporate communications. Very satisfying.


Adrie van der Luijt

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