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DNA of a Partner – white paper for Hays

We live in a world where job titles are becoming ever more convoluted, yet increasingly trivial. In the context of professional services however, the simple term ‘partner’ continues to retain its mystique.

A wealth of authority, entrepreneurialism, expertise, knowledge, leadership, prestige, talent and trust is conjured up by just two syllables. That’s why being a partner in an accountancy firm means as much today as it ever has – if not more.

But while we all recognise that making partner is a badge
of achievement, partnerships can often seem impenetrable to new entrants to the profession. What are the skills and personal characteristics that aspiring partners need to have? How can they plan their route to the top? What are the pressures and challenges that they will encounter once they get there? These are all questions that we answer in this report, which explores the DNA of a partner.


Sally Percy

Love Letters Publishing Ltd

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