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Dot’s Cookin’ offers a range of services, to different client groups all based on her huge enthusiasm for creating tasty food. This involved writing the Family Chef service page (shown here), About page, a recipe development page, and blog intro. Dorothy was keen to get this on her Square Space website as soon as possible, all supported by fantastic photos. It took less than two full days in all, including a coffee shop meeting where we developed the first drafts together.


Private cooking for busy families

You want to give your family home cooked food every day of the week, but struggle to find the time to spend hours planning, shopping and cooking.

Leave it to me to provide nutritious wholefood that pleases everyone – from toddlers to teens.

I’m a mother who loves to make you and your little ones smile with colourful, healthy and satisfying family food with a twist.

In one day a week, I will:

·      plan your meals, with your feedback

·      shop for the best local and sustainable ingredients

·      cook! You get clearly labelled meals in your fridge, and a clean kitchen, tidy pantry, and the washing-up done.

You heat it up for your family to enjoy.


We get together and find out what everyone likes to eat. A dish that’s glorious for one family member might be plain yuck for someone else.

And some members of your family might have diets they prefer – or need – to follow for health reasons.

Your family eating might be influenced by a certain cuisine.

There’s lots for me to learn about you.

Because my job is to cater for all of you

We build a relationship. Your email feedback lets me tweak recipes – happy faces and empty plates is what we’re after.

Cut food waste

As a family chef who doesn’t do waste, I buy only what I need to make your meals and use everything up.

So, it’s goodbye to dusty packets with expired use-by-dates and half-empty jars in the back of the fridge.

Safe hands

I’ve got extensive personal and professional experience as a private chef and caterer, creating nourishing meals that look beautiful, taste great and meet people’s needs. Most prep will be done in your own home, with some done in my kitchen, which has a 5 Star Food Hygiene Rating Certificate.

I have a roster of professional contacts to help create science-based nutrition plans and have extensive professional experience collaborating with nutritionists.

Diets I can cater for include, but are not limited to: vegetarian, vegan, low carb and gluten free.

My recipes have been used by big brands such as Tesco, Smarty Pants Vitamins, and Marigold Health Foods, and a range of start-ups.


Ben Locker



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