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Kickstarting financial inclusion with cashless payroll fintech, dopay


We’re dopay. We’re a young, exciting, innovative, and fast-growing international team of thinkers, creators, and technologists. We connect businesses and people with fast, convenient, and rewarding options to pay and get paid. And we’re working constantly to devise, develop and deliver new ways to make their financial lives easier and more fulfilling. We enable the millions of businesses still paying their workers with physical money to move seamlessly to a cashless payroll. Those workers can access their wages via ATMs and make purchases without having to carry banknotes. We make this possible with our virtual banking platform, dopay for business, and its prepaid debit cards. Freed from cash, employers pay employees electronically whenever they like. Including weekends and holiday periods when banks are closed. Their teams can use their cards to withdraw money any time that suits them, without worrying about running out of cash. We’re driving economies, growing choices, and responding to financial aspirations in frontier economies. In our first market of Egypt, we have hundreds of active businesses of all sizes and thousands of card users. We have attracted significant investment and we are building a range of services and choices to complement our core payroll offer. We’re doing this because we’re dopay, the people who identify opportunity in financial innovation.


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