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eBook ChannelAdvisor ‘6 Hurdles e-commerce sellers face when selling internationally’

6 hurdles e-retailers face when selling internationally


By 2022 cross-border shopping will make up 20% of all ecommerce, with sales predicted to reach an incredible $630 billion. (Forrester data)[1].


While some e-retailers are already reaping the rewards of global ecommerce – many have yet to dip their toes into international waters; the imagined complexities and risks appear to be outweighing the potential benefits.


In this eBook we’ll show you that, so long as you do your research – and address issues head-on – you could quickly gain a new and profitable audience of loyal customers abroad.


Let’s take a look at 6 common hurdles retailers face when it comes to cross-border selling – along with tips and practical solutions to help you negotiate them.


1 Finding the right target market


The number one challenge is – where to start? Which country or countries would make a good fit for your overseas expansion plans? Here are some things to consider.


Stay closer to home? Or spread your wings further afield?


It could be easier to start your expansion in countries where shoppers share a similar culture or language. For example, the US, with online sales valued at $340 billion[2], Australia or New Zealand. And, despite language differences, Europe’s established, high spending online audiences have similar tastes to shoppers in the UK – plus shipping distances are shorter.




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