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eBook for ChannelAdvisor Mastering Advertising on eBay using Promoted Listings

Mastering Advertising on eBay with Promoted Listings


EBay continues to offer immense eCommerce potential for retailers. But it’s tougher than ever to secure the top spots in search on the platform. With 25 million global marketplace sellers and 1.1 billion SKUs[1] eBay is a crowded place –  and many merchants are competing to sell the same products as you.


Optimising your presence on eBay is essential – but it won’t guarantee that your items get found. This is where eBay Promoted Listings can step in.


In this eBook we’ll take a look at how Promoted Listings can help boost visibility for your products, raise brand awareness and win you more sales.


Outrun the competition with eBay Promoted Listings


Many sellers find it difficult to climb the Best Match algorithm via organic search alone. That’s why eBay introduced Promoted Listings – to help merchants increase exposure for popular, highly competitive items. And it seems to have worked – eBay report that Promoted Listings have enabled merchants to boost visibility by up to 30%.[2]


So – is it time you gave Promoted Listings a whirl?

Promoted Listings – how do they work?

Like Amazon Sponsored Ads and Google AdWords, Promoted Listings are a form of paid advertising designed to help merchants boost visibility and brand awareness.

But Promoted Listings have a unique advantage over these typical Pay-Per-Click (PPC) models. With Sponsored ads and AdWords, an advertiser pays when someone clicks on their ad. With Promoted Listings however, you only pay when your item sells. You’re not charged until a buyer clicks – and then actually purchases your products, within 30 days of clicking on the ad.

Promoted Listings is essentially a risk-free form of advertising – because you don’t have to risk wasting money on clicks that aren’t converting (the ones that don’t add to your bottom line).


Where do Promoted Listings ads show up?


Promoted listings help you put your best merchandise in front of people who are actively searching and shopping for those items. Ads show up in prominent positions in search on both desktop and mobile devices. They could appear on the Search Results page – as well as on other key pages – for example View Item and My eBay pages. On mobile they’ll appear at prime positions in the search results.


Ads will only appear on the site (e.g. UK) where you registered – not on other international eBay sites.


Some tips to help you get started with eBay Promoted Listings


1 Use Promoted Listings for your popular items


EBay advise[3] that Promoted Listings are best-suited to your popular products – rather than items that are lagging behind. If your conversion rate is low Promoted Listings may attract more traffic to these listings – but they’re unlikely to convert


So, think about the items that would benefit most from added exposure and traffic – taking into consideration the current sell-through rate of your products. Which of them are consistently strong? Consider Always On items, your bestsellers, or seasonal must-haves


2 Promoted Listings can help you kick start sales for new products


Promoted Listings could help convert items that are doing moderately well in organic search, turning them into star performers. They could also kick start sales for new listings- getting you an early foot up the search rankings


3 Think carefully about your ad rate


Your ad rate will play a big part in where and when your ads get seen so choose your ad rate with care. Checkout the current ad-rate averages[4] for each category before listing so you can see what other sellers are spending to help you decide. In general, it makes sense to invest more heavily into items that have lots of competition


4 Make sure ads are relevant to a buyer’s search


The ad’s rate is not the only thing to bear in mind. To get your ads shown your items must also be relevant to the buyer’s search. Ensure your listings are fully optimised i.e. that you’re in the right category with the relevant keywords in the item title. Your picture should be top quality too – and don’t forget to include all required product identifiers


5 Plan ahead


Plan your promotions ahead and create targeted campaigns to coincide with holidays, events and seasons to attract motivated buyers. For example, the start of the fashion season or an upcoming special event (maybe a Royal wedding or two?) Ask yourself if your products could tie in?


6 Stay competitive by checking your performance – test new inventory


Check your campaigns regularly and tweak ad rates to remain competitive. Keep testing new inventory and adding new listings to your campaigns. There’s no risk involved, because you only pay when you sell. ChannelAdvisor can take over this time-consuming task for you, with filters that can scale your campaigns automatically –adding or removing items according to the criteria you initially set.


What else should you know about Promoted Listings?



  • Promoted Listings are currently available to all active eBay Stores subscribers in the UK. You can list up to 30% of your eligible inventory


  • You don’t have to have a high ranking in Best Match to use Promoted Listings (the increased exposure can, however help boost your Best Match rankings)


  • If you’re listing multiple items, you can save time with eBay’s Bulk Upload service which allows you to upload up to 25,000 listings at once using a standard CSV file


  • EBay automatically retrieves the most current information from your listing for the ad – including primary photo, listing prices and format. Any changes you make to your listing will automatically appear in the ad


  • You can’t use Promoted Listings for auctions – or for listing solo items. They’re not highly suitable for rare, collectors’ edition or limited-edition items. Which makes sense – if you’re selling something highly specific these items will likely show up in search to interested buyers – so no need for an extra promotional push


  • Fees: You pay the rate that was in place at the time an ad was first displayed – if this was 4% then this will be 4% of the final item sale price excluding shipping and tax



Promoted Listings offer a great – risk-free way – to boost your brand on eBay. If you select the appropriate items and set your ad rate with care – you have little to lose, and potentially lots to gain.


ChannelAdvisor supports Promoted Listings on eBay. With our help you can simply set your preferences – then forget them. For advice on integrating Promoted Listings into your marketing strategy – or for any and all ways to advertise on marketplaces, drop the ChannelAdvisor team a line at sales@ChannelAdvisor.co.uk.



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