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10 ways to make an impact on eBay


If you’ve side-lined eBay as an eCommerce channel – could it be time for a rethink?


For starters, eBay’s numbers make for impressive reading: In 2017 the marketplace welcomed 170 million active buyers[1], featured a billion live listings and received 391 million app downloads.[2]


Add to this the fact that eBay has evolved from online boot sale platform into retail storefront. Auctions now make up just 19% of the site’s sales.[3] and eBay no longer trades primarily in used items – 81% of goods sold on there are new[4].


A host of designer brands and high street names have successful shops on eBay bringing with them a profitable new quota of younger, female shoppers.[5]


If you think eBay could be the right fit for you then read on – for 10 easy ways to maximise sales on eBay.



1 Go to the top of the class with ‘A Grade’ listings


To succeed on eBay, you need to win your place in Best Match. This can only happen by getting on the right side of eBay’s algorithm – it dictates the order in which shoppers see items.


If you want your items to show up first, you need to list with pinpoint accuracy. Use the most relevant keywords in your titles and descriptions and place items in the correct categories.


Include all item specifics, including brand, colour and size, because buyers use these when they are searching. And don’t forget to include product identifiers, examples being GTINS, MPNs and brand. These will help buyers find your items both on and off the platform.


2 Make listings stand out with ‘outstanding’ images


Use up your full quota of images to up your chances of converting. Take close up shots, and if you’re listing multiple variants show the shopper what these are in your pics.


Provide high resolution photos only, at least 1600 pixels on the longest side so that viewers can zoom in. Remember too that mobile is primarily visual so keep distractions to a minimum. Use eBay’s image uploader to add images – this will ensure they look good on mobile devices.


3 Check listings are mobile-friendly


Over 50% of purchases on eBay in the UK are from mobile. [6] So, follow eBay’s advice to make your descriptions mobile-friendly. Use a clear layout and black font, size 12-14pxl, on a white background. Use bullets and avoid using active content like JavaScript. Always check what your listings look like on mobile.


4 Earn an eBay Premium Service badge


Getting your listings spot on is essential – but it won’t guarantee you a Best Match placement.


There’s no official guide as to exactly how the algorithm works. However, eBay states that listings featuring an eBay Premium Service[7] badge enjoy maximum visibility in Best Match[8] search results.


To be eligible for this badge you need to offer:


  • A hassle-free minimum 30 day returns policy or, better 60 days (eBay just announced that 14-day return policies are on the way out in any case[9])
  • Fast and/or free shipping options
  • Item dispatch within one working day
  • A track record of excellent service – as rated by buyers
  • Valid tracking for items over £20


5 Communicate clearly with customers


Clearly state your returns policy and make sure you describe items accurately. Only indicate dispatch times you can 100% guarantee and stick to the shipping service you ‘ve specified in the listing. Don’t forget after sales – let buyers know that they’re appreciated by sending a thank you email with the shipping information.


6 Respond to negative feedback


Buyers can rate you positive, neutral or negative with a short comment describing their experience. If you get negative feedback get in touch with the buyer and take action to resolve it. Once it’s sorted you can request feedback revision or reply to the feedback. If the feedback is inappropriate – report it.


7 Set up an eBay Shop


Build your brand on eBay by having a shop window – then you can invite eBay shoppers in, so they can get to know your brand personality and find out about your products. As a shop owner you’ll also get discounted fees, a unique URL, custom categories and other benefits. You can also customise emails – adding a personal message to dispatch notices – or letting customers know about an upcoming promotion.


Create links from your shop to everywhere you have a presence e.g. on social. Or write a guide on eBay with information that relates directly to your product or products – to help you get picked up by search engines.


8 Don’t let defects define you


Keep up to date with seller standards and late delivery metrics. Avoid defects at all costs. Even a 2% defect rate can mark you down. Cancelling a transaction due to insufficient stock, describing an item inaccurately- or failing to resolve a buyer issue promptly will affect your defect rate.


Keep track of defects by using your seller dashboard in My eBay. This will tell you your status – and give you granular information on a transaction by transaction basis. It’s worth challenging wrong defects.


To keep your rating high always refund buyers via eBay not PayPal – otherwise your refund won’t get tracked and you could receive a defect.


9 Take part in promotions


in 2016 eBay received 20.7 million visitors over Black Friday weekend.[10] 2017 was reportedly even better, especially in the US where reportedly transactions over Black Friday weekend increased 35% year on year.[11]


We don’t know the exact numbers, but eBay revealed that Cyber Monday 2017 was their biggest sales day ever – as an example they reported selling a pair of shoes every second.


10 Go global with eBay


Listed as a top 10 global retail brand, eBay operates in 190 markets worldwide giving it an even bigger global presence than Amazon. EBay also offers efficient marketing and distribution options – so this could be a big opportunity to increase sales overseas.







If you’d like to join the many retailers already seeing huge success on eBay then  get in touch with the ChannelAdvisor team on 0207 014 2700 – or drop us a line at uksales@channeladvisor.com. With our help you can easily integrate your eCommerce activity across multiple channels – and maximise your sales performance on eBay’s powerful platform.



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