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eBook ‘Perfecting your Digital Marketing Campaigns’

Perfecting Your Digital Marketing Campaigns


Creating a digital marketing strategy that captures and converts is no easy task. There’s a dizzying array of platforms to build a presence and advertise on – and an audience that is constantly switching its attention from one channel to another.


Thankfully, help is at hand. In this eBook we’ll show you how to boost your presence on the right platforms – and squeeze the maximum returns from your DM budget.


A great website’s an essential – but it won’t guarantee you visitors


Only start their search on a retailer’s website[1]. Splashing out on your site is a wasted effort unless you track down the other 85%. It’s similar to organising a party – if you forget to send out the invites no one will come. To attract traffic to your site you need to present your products to shoppers – wherever they are searching…



…. And they’re often searching on Google, Amazon and on social platforms. So, let’s start by looking at ways to boost engagement on these platforms.




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